Learn Swedish online with ONLINE SWEDISH

Why study Swedish with us?

  • We offer the bes​t price
  • We have the best quality
  • We teach you faster than anyone else
  • We prepare you for TISUS test
  • We prepare you for YKI test

You can learn Swedish from zero and learn to speak and understand the language with confidence in a short time. We offer courses at all levels, and we offer the best price for private people as well as for companies. 

You can compare our prices with other schools regarding price and lesson hours that we offer. You have access to internet; you can easily check and compare the prices. If you study with us, you don’t have to buy books or other materials. All study materials are included. Moreover, the 4th course is a cash-back course that students get for free, making us absolutely best in price. 

ONLINE SWEDISH is the best in terms of price and is the best in terms of quality. However, one may argue that quality is not always objective. Therefore we give our students a learning warranty. 

Learning warranty means that if the student takes a course ( at any level ) and completes it with us but then happens to fail a third partner examination ( on that level ), then the student is eligible for a free retake of the course. We will work with the student until the third partner examination is cleared.

With us, you will learn faster than anywhere else, as our courses are instructed in English, our classes are intensive, and we do not lose time on unnecessary forms of exercise.

We are also one of the very few schools that offer Tisus preparation. 

Test in Swedish for academic studies ( TISUS ) is an independent test for the Swedish language similar to IELTS/ TOEFEL. TISUS test is also giving students national grade in Swedish, and it is usually required for some professions, e.g., medical staff. In other words, you can study with us from the very beginning to the end.  We also offer Yki test preparation for the Swedish language if you need to apply for a job, study purpose, or Finnish citizenship. YKI is the national certificate of language proficiency in Finland.  

We can proudly say that one of the largest company in the world, MAERSK is our business partner.

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