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Medical Swedish

Our Swedish course certificate is approved by Socialstyrelsen

YKI Test Preparation

Swedish language proficiency test for citizenship in Finland

Tisus /Swedex /SFI

Swedish language proficiency test in Sweden for University and KomVux

Our Academic Partners

We deliver Swedish language to Universities

Swedish for Medical Professionals

Looking to excel as a medical professional in Sweden? Our specialized Swedish courses are designed to equip medical staff with the necessary language skills. With our Socialstyrelsen-approved certificate, you can trust the quality and recognition of our program.

Our flagship course, Medical Swedish (SFM), focuses on medical terminology, diagnosis, treatment, and healthcare. Delivered at the advanced C1/C2 level, it ensures effective communication in medical contexts. We also offer a comprehensive Swedish language learning solution, covering proficiency levels from A1 to C1. Build a solid foundation and enhance your vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills.

For an immersive experience, choose our exclusive Academy Option. Immerse yourself in a virtual and interactive learning environment, exploring Swedish culture and connecting with fellow medical professionals. Book early to enjoy a discounted rate of 999€.

Join our Swedish language learning community, participate in language exchange programs, and deepen your understanding of Swedish traditions.

Ready to thrive in the Swedish healthcare industry? Enroll today!

YKI Test Preparation

Looking to pass the YKI test? Our Swedish language courses provide a comprehensive foundation to help you succeed. Learn Swedish effectively and enhance your language skills with expert guidance.

Our courses cover all areas tested in the YKI examination, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, you’ll gain the proficiency needed to excel in the test.

Prepare for success in the YKI test in Finland with our comprehensive Swedish language courses. From beginner to advanced levels (Swedish A1 to C1), our program is tailored to enhance your language skills and proficiency. Gain fluency in Swedish through engaging lessons and focused preparation for the YKI test.

Join our supportive learning community and access additional resources to maximize your chances of achieving a successful outcome in the YKI test. Enroll today and let us assist you in mastering the Swedish language and achieving your desired results in the YKI test.


Preparing for the TISUS test, Swedex exam, or SFI program? We’ll support you on your language learning journey for these vital exams. Our comprehensive TISUS preparation covers reading, listening, writing, and speaking, boosting your confidence for success.

Swedex, an internationally recognized exam, assesses proficiency from A2 to C1 levels. Enroll in our Swedex program for complete training and resources, opening academic and professional opportunities with a Swedex certificate.

Enhance your learning with the exclusive Academy Option, immersing you in advanced concepts, personalized feedback, and stimulating discussions. Our expert instructors will guide you through the intricacies of the language, ensuring your progress and exam readiness.

If you’re new to Swedish, our SFI program is the ideal starting point. We’ll help you build a solid foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills, empowering you for daily life and integration into Swedish society.

Join our vibrant community of language learners, connect with peers, and explore the rich tapestry of Swedish culture. Let us be your trusted partner on this exciting language learning journey, unlocking a world of opportunities in Sweden.

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