A complete program to learn Swedish language

From A1 level to C1 level

Academy Option

We have a comprehensive solution for those who wish to learn Swedish from beginning to advanced levels, covering Swedish A1 to C1. The total package price for all Swedish courses is 1499€. This package includes all 7 courses that we offer. 

Take advantage of our Early-Bird Discount on the Academy option, available for 999€.

To qualify for the Early-Bird Discount on the Academy option, be sure to place your order 12 weeks before the course starts. This option requires a one-time payment, with no installment plans available.

Moreover, our Early-Bird Academy Option+ Family/Group Discount is applicable when 2 or more individuals choose the “Academy Option” 12 weeks prior to the course commencement. Families or groups will receive an additional 10% discount on the total amount.

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