Upper-intermediate Swedish course

B1 Level Swedish language course

B1 level Swedish (CEFR) course is the third course and upper-intermediate level. The duration of the course is 60 study hours divided into 20 lessons plus 10 conversation sessions. The compulsory part of the course is 40 hours and the conversation part (additional 20 hours) is recommended but not compulsory.
Candidates participating in B1 must have the preknowledge that is expected when completing A1-level and A2-level.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Candidates who have completed the B1 course are expected to know and be able to:

  • Read and understand longer texts ( triple as much than A2 ), longer sentences.
  • Read and understand in different tenses (present, present perfect, past perfect, and future) about events, traditions, cultures, stories, and biographies.
  • Read and understand different types of texts as; blog, letter to the editor, short novels, news articles, autobiography, reportage, and periodical column.

The B 1 level covers everyday + advanced vocabulary and phrases. The texts types are Narrative/Story and Narrative/Factual

Comprehensive knowledge about Swedish nouns          (groups) verbs, regular as irregular in different tenses, forms, groups, build and understand passive voice, present active participles, and perfect passive participle.

The main grammar focus is the structure of the Swedish sentences, extended studying grammar elements as verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

The main exercising form is listening, reading, pronunciation, and systematic grammar exercises.
Candidates can take this course both in real-time and at their own pace as a course.

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