Swedish Writing and Speaking course

B1-C1 Level Swedish language course

B1-C1 level Swedish (CEFR) course is the fourth course and advanced level. The duration of the course is 60 study hours divided into 20 lessons plus 10 conversation sessions. The compulsory part of the course is 40 hours and conversation part additional 20 hours is recommended but not compulsory. The main focus of B2 level is writing and speaking.

Candidates participating in the Swedish Writing and Speaking Course must have the preknowledge that is expected when completing A1-level, A2-level, and B1-level.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Candidates who have completed the B2 course are expected to know and be able to:

  • Read and understand long and advanced texts.
  • Express one’s opinions on various topics, participate and argue in non-ordinary discussion topics.
  • Write and produce solid texts on various topics.

The Swedish Writing and Speaking course level is aimed at enhancing your writing and speaking abilities. In this course, students are required to do daily small homework assignments and medium/large assignments once on weekends.

Participants are required to do an oral presentation once a week and be actively involved in daily lesson discussions.

The main grammatical focus is the entire Swedish grammar.

The main exercise form is writing and speaking

Candidates can take this course only in real-time.

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