C1 Swedish TISUS preparation course

C1 Level Swedish language course

C1 level Swedish course or ( C1/C2 ) is the final level. This course is aimed at those who want to master the Swedish language at a high level, those who want to prepare for the TISUS test, those who pursue academic studies, and medical staff who need language proficiency to work in Sweden as a doctor. The duration of the course is 60 study hours divided into 20 lessons plus 10 conversation sessions. The compulsory part of the course is 40 hours and the conversation part (additional 20 hours) is recommended but not compulsory.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Candidates who have completed the C1 Swedish course are expected to know and be able to:
  • Knowing the language at that level that requires to be able to take part in academic studies in Swedish which concerns speaking, reading and writing.
  • Being able to take part in any kind of debates
  • To know 2500 words that are not used daily.
Tisus is an independent test that gives qualification in the Swedish language. On a scale, it is equal C1/C2 level. It is similar to English tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. Tisus does not expire after some period but rather provides the candidate with the national grade in the Swedish language. It is intended for candidates with foreign education planning to apply to academic studies in Sweden (For programs in Swedish/ medical staff ) but missing grades in the Swedish language. Tisus test is conducted twice a year at seven universities in Sweden but also at embassies and consulates abroad. Information about the Tisus examination date, deadline for the application you can find . The main exercising form is listening, reading, and pronunciation. Candidates can take this course both in real-time and at their own pace as a course. As a student you can apply for a for any course you have passed at our school . Here you can find for current and upcoming courses.

You are eligible for academic credit points if you study at our partner universities.

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