Svenska som grannspråk

ONLINE SWEDISH, as a leading online Swedish language school, is deeply concerned about the recent decision by the Nordic Council of Ministers to cut funding for Nordspråk—an organization that plays a vital role in promoting cooperation and understanding between Nordic countries through language education. This decision poses a significant threat to the language and cultural ties that unite the Scandinavian and Nordic nations. In response, ONLINE SWEDISH is committed to taking action by offering free Swedish language courses to native speakers from Scandinavian and Nordic countries. Our aim is to foster language understanding, promote sustainable development, and strengthen regional cooperation among our valued neighbors.

The primary objectives of this project are as follows:
Preserving Language Understanding: By providing free Swedish language courses to native speakers from Scandinavian and Nordic countries, we aim to address the decline in understanding of neighboring languages and promote a sense of shared language heritage. This initiative will contribute to preserving the language diversity and strengthening the communication channels between Nordic nations.
We already have experience working with big industrial and business companies and educational organisations such as universities.

Currently, as the project initiator, “Hela världen pluggar svenska” ONLINE SWEDISH offers free Swedish courses to universities worldwide. At the moment, we deliver Swedish language courses to the UoN, “University of Nairobi in Kenya”, and AUL, “Azerbaijan Language University” in Azerbaijan.
With this experience, we believe that our project, “Svenska som grannspråk” can contribute well from the Swedish side to the Nordic language cooperation.

We are open to collaboration with universities and higher education institutions in Nordic countries.

Contact us if you are a native speaker of a Scandinavian/Nordic language and want to learn Swedish.

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