Swedish courses for companies and businesses

Swedish for employees

We welcome all companies for cooperation, that’s why we offer one free Swedish course of choice to your employees. The course can be taken in a real-time session, as well as a recorded lesson, for flexibility. Furthermore, we offer a free online Swedish Conversation Club for everyone to practice speaking Swedish. As part of our partnership, we also offer free language consultation once a week, which means that students can ask everything regarding the Swedish language to clear their doubts. For example, if the student takes a video course and has some questions, then the student has the opportunity for clarification. We can offer only a video course if your company has more than ten employees. If there are spots available, your employees can also participate in a live course. This offer does not involve any financial obligations to our partners. The only thing required is that your company’s management approves this deal and recognizes our partnership. We have experience with big companies as MAERSK. If you have any other proposals for B2B cooperation, we are open for business. Just contact us.
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