Swedish language for Medical Universities in Sweden

Offshore Swedish Language Department

Swedish language course for medical students

Online Swedish, a Swedish language learning platform, offers partnerships to medical universities in Sweden by offering Swedish language courses for all Medical universities in Sweden for their students, doctoral students, postdocs, staff, and researchers.

All students are eligible for optional two free-of-charge courses.

One course consists of 25 lessons, and each lesson is two hours. 20 lessons are “theoretical”, covering vocabulary and grammar parts, while 5 sessions are dedicated only to speaking purposes.

We also prepare students for C1 Swedish (CEFR) level tests as well as the TISUS test. We also prepare students for the Yki test in Finland.

Medical Swedish

If you are a student, you can convey our message to your university and let them know about this possibility.

We offer our partnership out of goodwill, and we don’t want anything from our partners in return except a recognized partnership. The partnership does not involve any obligations from our partner’s side. The “recognized partnership” simply means announcing our cooperation on your ( our partners ) website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your University wants to include the Swedish language.

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