Swedish language for Universities

Hela världen pluggar svenska

The whole world studies Swedish

Offshore Swedish Language Department ​​and partnership for Universities

We have initiated our project “Hela världen pluggar svenska,” which means in English, “The whole world studies Swedish.” This project aims to offer Swedish language courses to Universities and establish abroad Swedish language departments. This service is completely free of charge for Universities ( all over the world ) and their students. In other words, no finance is involved in our project.

As a University, you can offer your students something unique, something that the local universities do not provide, namely the Swedish language.

The Swedish language is relatively small in terms of native speakers and popularity in comparison to German, French , Spanish and Italian, yet there are people all over the world studying Swedish and there are many reasons to learn Swedish.

From the academic perspective, Sweden has the leading universities in the world, to mention: Stockholm University, KTH, KI, Uppsala university, Lund university, University of Gothenburg, and the Chalmers University of Technology. Moreover, Swedish is an official language in Finland, and one can also count on top Finnish universities.

In other words, these universities that offer all kinds of studies in all various fields can be a potential place for abroad studies, whether it is an exchange program or a complete program in Sweden.
Swedish universities have many collaborative programs involving universities worldwide, and candidates applying for Swedish universities or scholarships increase their chances tremendously if they know the Swedish language.

Yet, besides the academic perspective, there is a professional perspective. Sweden is one of the leading countries in digital technology, attracting people from the IT and engineering sectors worldwide. Thereby, there is a big competition for obvious reasons, and knowledge of the Swedish language can tip the scales and make a difference to stand out among other candidates.

The Swedish language is a must in the health care field, and learning it at home university will save lots of time and financial recourses. That’s why having the Swedish language is excellent as an interdisciplinary field.

Another reason to learn Swedish is the Swedish language itself. The Swedish language is a Germanic language, which means by knowing Swedish, one can communicate and understand to some extent, Norwegian and Danish, and have it easy to learn Dutch and German due to similarity. The Swedish language, as mentioned before, is also an official language in Finland. Due to easy movability in Nordic countries and EU, Sweden can be a key for candidates who want to make a carrier in Europe. Due to significant similarities in culture and languages, moving around Nordic countries and leveling up in career is very smooth.

As an incentive for students at your university to motivate them to choose the Swedish course, we can mention two Swedish national organizations that promote Swedish language studies abroad and helps students among other things arrange a trip to Sweden.

One of the organizations is the Swedish Institute (SI) , and the other, The Royal Society for Swedish Culture Abroad (Sverigekontakt). Some information is available in English through the SI:s site; unfortunately, not everything is available in English.

When it comes to The Royal Society for Swedish Culture Abroad ( Sverigekontakt ), their page is in English, and the information is available at the following link:

In the global and digital age, the competition is higher than ever. Regardless of the field, one does not compete only with local competitors but with competitors from the whole world who have the same skills, which means one needs to stand out. Standing out means one has to have knowledge that the other does not. The same applies to universities. Universities today compete not only locally or nationwide; they compete worldwide due to the increasing popularity of e-learning and digital platforms that makes it possible.
That’s why even your university has to stand out and offer something unique.

Offshore Swedish Department

Our organization ONLINE SWEDISH offers Swedish language courses to universities outside of Sweden. We deliver quality Swedish programs offshore. Our mission and goodwill is to make the Swedish language accessible worldwide. We offer Swedish language courses from A1 to C1 level CEFR – scale, with a total range of 120 academic credit points ECTS- credits. Our courses can be offered as micro-credentials, lifelong learning program or as a minor and major degree combined with any other interdisciplinary program.

CourseCredit pointsGrammar and VocabularyOral ProductionWritten Production
3.A2/B1 (SFP)15 ECTS7,5 ECTS5,5 ECTS2 ECTS
4.B1/B1+15 ECTS7,5 ECTS5,5 ECTS2 ECTS
5.B1+/B2 (SFC)15 ECTS7,5 ECTS5,5 ECTS2 ECTS
6.B2/C115 ECTS7,5 ECTS7,5 ECTS
Bachelor Thesis
7.C130 ECTS15 ECTS7,5 ECTS7,5 ECTS

Students living in different time zones and those who can’t attend the lessons during our ordinary lesson hours, can take flexible video lessons, and we will provide them with real-time support and conversation sessions to develop students speaking skills.

Our partnership is free of charge; it doesn’t involve any finance or administrative fee. It means that students at your University will have access to Swedish courses free of charge, and the University doesn’t have to pay a fee or do any other administrative work. We manage everything and operate everything.

By accepting our partnership, your university will stick out and offer something other universities do not. Your faculty and the department will have an additional language that will attract more students, generating more funding support, whether your university is public or private.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if your University wants to include the Swedish language in the language faculty. We can arrange a video conference to speak more about this project.

Our Academic Partners

We deliver Swedish language to Universities
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