Frequently asked questions about Swedish courses

Yes, the course is real-time online.

You can find prices on each course page. You have to go to the page and then click on “learn more” under the course you are interested in.
  • We use English to conduct and explain the lessons.
  • We have a clear structure, starting date, and ending date.
  • We follow the CEFR approach in our methodology to deliver the courses.

Microsoft Teams

We are usually not more than 10 candidates

The exception is if you have joined the course batch with university students. “Online Swedish” is also an offshore Swedish language department for some universities. The number of participants can vary depending on the batch.

Four days a week, Monday to Thursday

2 hours per lesson

We conduct lessons in Swedish time. To see a specific course, you need to check the schedule

No, the A1 course is for beginners as well as for absolute beginners.

Test in Swedish for university studies.

It depends on your profession, but usually not.

No, for the lessons, you do not need to purchase material. But if you want to acquire and want to have some books/e-books, you can buy them. But otherwise, for our lessons, you do not need.

No. The only thing we recommend, to repeat the lesson if it’s necessary

Depends on if you live in Sweden or outside. PayPal is the preferred choice, but other options are negotiable too.

We record each lesson, so you will have a chance to cover missed classes.

Yes, our certificate is accepted by Socialstyrelse

A1; A2; B1; B2; Swedish for professionals (B1/B2 level); TISUS -preparation (C1-level); Swedish for Medical staff (C1 level)

Yes, we have many types of discounts. You can find more info about discounts.

Here you can read more about levels, Swedish SFI levels and how do they correspond to CEFR level. 

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Yes, it’s possible. You can study at your pace with video lessons.
To be fluent in the language does not primarily depend on level. It depends rather on how frequently does one uses the language. On average, it is at least B1 (CEFR) level.

There are 5-6 levels according to CEFR. A1,A2,B1,B2,C1 and C2.
C2 does not really apply to all languages.

Yes, if you prefer to start immediately with learning and can not wait for the live sessions start, you can then learn by recorded video lessons.

Yes, we do offer Swedish courses for companies.

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