Prices and discounts

We have the best prices for Swedish courses when it comes to quality, amount of hours, and materials that you as a student get from us. We prepare our students for all third-part examinations in Swedish as Swedex, TISUS and YKI. Our Swedish certificate is accepted by SocialstyrelseSwedish National Board of Health and Welfare. We have even a range of discounts to make the price even better. 

Please respect the conditions of our Discount terms. You are eligible for a Discount if you comply with the terms described below.

Keep in mind that if you work in Sweden you can get a reimbursement for your Swedish courses from your employer.

A Standard Price

A standard price, when there is no discount, is 390€ per course.

Academy Option

We offer a complete solution if you intend to learn Swedish from start to the end, from Swedish A1 to C1 level. The package price for all Swedish courses is 1499€.

Early- bird discount on the Academy option is 999€.

To be eligible for an early bird discount for the Academy option, you need to make your order 12 weeks before the course start.
Only one-time payment. No instalment for this option.

Early- Bird discount

You get 20% discount if you book your course 4 weeks before the course start, so to say if you pay for the course 28 days before the start.

Loyalty discout

If you take 3 courses, the 4th course is for free.

Bulk discount

25% discount If you buy 2 courses and pay for them at once.

Early- Bird + Bulk discount

30% discount If you buy 2 courses and pay for them at once, 28 days before the course start.

Family/Group discount

Family or Group (at least 2 participants) get a gradual discount. Cost per person
First course 390€ , second course 300€, and third course 250€, the fourth is for free.

Early-Bird + Family/Group discount

Family or Group (at least 2 participants) get gradual discount and Early-Bird discount if courses are payed 28 days before the start .
Cost per person:
First course 312€ , second course 300€, and third course 250€, the fourth is for free.

Jumper deal

If you want to catch up with the upcoming course but need to cover the previous level course, the “Jumper deal” is for you. You get a video course for example of A1 course and you also join the online real-time sessions of A2 course. If you want to study B1 but missing A2, you can also take this “jumper” option. Deal cost is 500€.

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