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Are you ready to embark on an exciting Swedish language adventure? Look no further! Our Online Swedish Video Courses are your passport to mastering this beautiful language at your own pace, anytime you want.

📚 Flexible Learning for You Our unique video courses offer the flexibility you need. Start instantly or tailor your studies to fit your schedule – the choice is yours. No need to wait for a specific start date; you’re in control of your Swedish learning journey.

💡 What Makes Us Unique? 👩‍🏫 Real-Time Support: We’ve got your back! As a student, you can enjoy weekly live sessions with your experienced and happy Swedish language instructor. Ask questions, seek guidance, or discuss anything related to your course or the Swedish language itself.

📊 Progress Tracking: We believe in your success. We track your progress, ensuring you stay on the right path to language proficiency.

📆 90 Days of Access: Each course provides you with 90 days of access. No rush, no pressure – learn Swedish at your own pace.

🎉 Bundle Bonanza: The more, the merrier! Take advantage of our bundle packages for a better price. Get ready for an immersive Swedish experience.

  • 🎁 One Course ( Single) – 250€
  • 🎁 Two Courses (Bundle) – 400€
  • 🎁 Three Courses (Bundle) – 500€
  • 🎁 Four Courses (Bundle) – 700€
  • 🎁 Five Courses (Bundle) – 800€
  • 🎁 Six Courses (Bundle) – 900€ 

💥 Special Bonus: Achieve greatness and finish three courses in just 20 weeks, and we’ll reward you with an additional course for free!

📝🗣️ Included in Your Six-Course Bundle When you enroll in our six-course bundle, you don’t just receive an excellent value for your investment, but you also gain access to our “Writing and Speaking” real-time course at no extra cost. This dynamic course is designed to help you refine your skills in both written and spoken Swedish, taking your language proficiency to the next level.

📜 Certificates: Want to showcase your Swedish language skills? Attend five conversation sessions per course, and you’ll earn a certificate to proudly display your achievements.

We understand that in the world of online learning, it’s all too common for people to purchase video courses but never actually engage with the content. We’re not just another faceless platform selling courses – we are dedicated to your success every step of the way.

👀 We Care About Your Progress While our Swedish video courses offer the ultimate flexibility for learning at your own pace, we’re not here to simply sell you a course and forget about you. We genuinely care about your learning journey.

🗓️ How It Works Every weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to send us an email detailing your weekly study activities. Tell us how many lessons you’ve watched, what exercises you’ve completed, and any other insights about your learning experience. We want to hear about your achievements and your challenges.

📚 Identify Areas for Improvement We understand that learning a new language can come with its challenges. Use your Weekly Study Rapport to share any areas where you may need extra help or clarification. It’s an excellent opportunity to pinpoint your unique learning needs.

🤝 Real-Time Support Remember, we’ve got your back! If you have questions about grammar or anything related to your course, our real-time support is there for you during our Conversation Sessions, typically held on weekends. It’s your chance to connect with our instructors and get the answers you need.

Our commitment to your Swedish language journey goes beyond just learning for the sake of it. We understand that many of our students have specific goals, such as preparing for third-party exams like TISUS, YKI Swedish test for Finland, and SWEDEX. Additionally, we are proud to have a substantial number of medical professionals among our learners.

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