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Buy your Video Swedish course

Here you can book your pre-recorded Swedish language video course if you want to start learning instantly or be flexible and follow your own study pace.

Students who take our video courses are also eligible for live session support. You, as a student, can speak with your instructor and ask anything related to your course or the Swedish language in general.

You can fill in the necessary information, and you will get an invoice per email.

You can take a bundle package and get a better price if you take two or more courses.

Price of one single course is 250 €
Two courses (bundle) 400€
Three courses (bundle) 500€
Four courses (bundle) 700€

The discounted bulk price is applied if the payment is made on one occasion.

You have access to lessons for one year, but if you wish to prolong the time, you can keep longer access at no cost.

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Do you have some questions before purchasing your course?

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