To All students from 2020-2023

First of all, thank all of you for joining once to ONLINE SWEDISH. I hope you have enjoyed the course with us and found them helpful in progressing your Swedish language skills.

I know some of you are done with Swedish, and some of you made a break and never continued learning Swedish due to work or any other reason.

I want to thank you for your support, for joining ONLINE SWEDISH.
As an expression of my gratitude, I offer free Swedish courses to every student that has taken a course with ONLINE SWEDISH from its establishment in 2020 until 2023 (01.01.2023). All the courses you wish are free of charge for you. It doesn’t matter how many courses you have taken, one or more. All the courses are free of charge for you.

If you purchased the “academy option” , so to say, all the courses, I can offer your family member free courses instead.

I know many of you are busy, but I would love to make this Swedish learning journey with you.

I would appreciate if you send me a message, by email or Facebook even if you don’t or can’t join for some reason.

For those who are interested, please check our schedule, preferably on a PC or laptop. You will see the schedule for upcoming courses, even for 2024 and 2025

Last but not least, I hope you know we have Språkcafé, and you are always welcome there.

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