Sweden – Humpty Dumpty of World History

Sweden – Humpty Dumpty of World History You never knew it Puss, but I was always there… https://youtu.be/xLQXfmiBnHYIf you are not familiar with Swedish history, you would not expect Sweden to have much impact on worlds history. If you have seen DreamWorks animation Puss in Boots ( 2011 ), there is a scene where Hampty…

Free Swedish course

Free Swedish course Free Swedish course with Certificate When you take with us three Courses, the fourth course is free. Students who take a free course are also eligible to get a Certificate after active attendance in the course. You can read here how to apply for Certificate. You can choose your free course. Here…

Christmas deal

Learn Swedish from scratch Academy Option 999€ Until the 31st December, you can get the “Academy Option,” which means that you get all the courses that we offer, from A1 to C1 level, 7 courses, at the price of 999€. If you have purchased any courses before ( doesn’t matter when ) you can simply…

Best way to learn Swedish online

BEST WAY TO LEARN SWEDISH ONLINE Learn Swedish From Scratch Swedish language basics https://youtu.be/u5ct16zZW-oThe best way of learning a language is actually speaking it! We have a free online Swedish Speaking Club where you can practice Swedish. We have also done a Swedish language webinar which can be an excellent tool for understanding Swedish grammar….

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